Fecal Ova/Parasite Test & Giardia Elisa Test in Forest Falls

Fecal testing for dogs and cats is a great way to understand the health of your pet. It can also help identify any gastrointestinal parasites or bacteria that may be causing problems, such as diarrhea or vomiting.

Understanding Giardia Elisa Tests

The Fecal Ova/Parasite Test and Giardia ELISA Test are two important laboratory tests for detecting the presence of gastrointestinal parasites.

The FECAL OVA/PARASITE TEST is a microscopic examination of a sample of stool in order to detect the presence of parasitic organisms. It can identify the type and number of parasites present, which helps diagnose a person’s condition and determine an appropriate course of treatment.

The GIARDIA ELISA TEST uses an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect the presence of antigens from Giardia lamblia, a common intestinal parasite that causes symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue, and weight loss. While both tests are useful tools for diagnosing the presence of parasitic organisms, the Fecal Ova/Parasite Test provides more detailed information than the Giardia ELISA Test.

Both tests should be performed if a person is suspected of having a gastrointestinal infection caused by parasites, in order to ensure an appropriate course of treatment and to monitor for any recurrence of symptoms.

How Frequently Should I Get My Pets Tested?

Parasites can be a concern for all pets, including cats and dogs. To ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet, it is important to get them tested regularly for parasites.

Testing should be done at least once per year. However, if you notice any signs or symptoms associated with parasites in your pet, such as vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, or scooting on the floor, then it is recommended that you get them tested as soon as possible.

Additionally, if your pet has been exposed to other animals that may have parasites (such as going to a dog park), then testing should also be done immediately. Your veterinarian can provide more information about when and how often to test your pet for parasites. It is important to note that some parasites can be easily passed from animal to animal, so it is important to get your pet tested regularly in order to help ensure the health and well-being of all your pets. By doing so, you can help keep your pet safe and healthy.

If you have any further questions or concerns about when to get your pet tested for parasites, please contact your veterinarian in Forest Falls today. They will be able to provide more information and advice on what is best for your pet’s health. Thank you!