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Living in San Bernardino is an experience unlike any other. In the heart of Southern California, every day brings a sense of excitement and possibility. From the beautiful backdrop of the San Bernardino Mountains to the bustling streets of downtown, there’s a dynamic energy that permeates throughout the community. Whether it’s exploring historic landmarks like the California Theatre or enjoying the diverse culinary scene, there’s always something new to discover and appreciate.
One of the things that makes San Bernardino truly special is its strong sense of community. Despite being a city of over 200,000 residents, there’s a tight-knit feel where neighbors look out for each other and come together to celebrate local events and festivals. Whether it’s the annual Route 66 Rendezvous or the National Orange Show Festival, these gatherings not only showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage but also foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its residents.
Of course, like any city, San Bernardino has its challenges, but what sets it apart is the resilience and spirit of its people. From community clean-up initiatives to grassroots efforts to support local businesses, there’s a collective determination to overcome obstacles and create a brighter future for all who call San Bernardino home. Being part of this journey is not just about living in a city; it’s about being part of a thriving community that’s constantly evolving and striving for betterment.


42146 Fox Farm Road, Suite A, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

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Phone: (909) 505-2802
Fax: (909) 505-2842


April 2023
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I have known Dr. D for close to two decades and his ability to think outside the box, combined with his incredible love for animals is a unique combination. Mtn. View is state-of-the-art. Staff is friendly and professional. Big Bear actually has emergency and 24/7 options now. Dr. D listened!!!!!
April 2023
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Was very impressed with the staff and the Veterinarian. I was able to get in quickly, my appointment was on time. The staff was very friendly and professional. I really appreciated the Vet spending time with us and fully explaining to us what was going on. Didn’t feel pressure or recommendations for unnecessary testing which I have experienced at other offices. Would highly recommend this business
May 2023
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Great place! Very friendly people! Veterinarian is very kind and knowledgeable!
April 2023
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Great place! Huge clean and amazing staff. Everyone is super friendly and helpful.
May 2023
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kind caring staff willing to go out of their way to get your family pet in to see a doctor. Warning...very busy place.


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42146 Fox Farm Road,
Big Bear Lake,
CA 92315

Phone: (909) 505-2802
Fax: (909) 505-2842

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